Dreaming is for Rich People

Episode 005 l “The Look at me Project” I talked about a lot of things but one thing stood out and its funny because I probably should have thought about this prior but I didn’t was Substitutes. Funny thing about this is it makes so much sense so I figured I’d blog about especially since I’ve finally caught fire again in creating but I won’t burden you guys with my woes right now because I want to expound a bit more on “UN-Natural Sub” substitutes. Mankind is created with a very specific blueprint very pure, but specific all the same. When you watch children in the nursery you rarely will witness any form of bias which is why when I had my kids I tried to mark them just in case the nurses decided to switch my kids with somebody else’s. (I’m probably about 67% joking) The truth of the matter is at mankind's base we are engineering with a clean slate psychologically even though we can be predisposed to certain characteristics based on our bloodline we are not destined to be carbon copies of our parents and siblings. Now while I won’t get into every nuance for the sake of time …MY TIME LOL I will express why im saying this. A child naturally desires to be loved and for many years of its life it will need it for survival. Many psychologists can even pinpoint opportunities to bond with a child and how important it is to do so at those times otherwise the child will grow abnormally in that particular area.

Every child desires friendship on some plane even if some develop a preference to be alone, it’s usually due to insecurity fear or just an overall lack of social skills and even in those cases when a child comes to play with them it’s usually welcomed unless the child is struggling through some other underlying difficulties cognitively. Overall people thrive when they are socially accepted and many are driven by it. This doesn’t mean all social acceptances is a good thing because all a child gets older depending on the influences that same social interaction and acceptance can lead to some of the most damaging decisions one can even make but that’s not what this show or this article is about. In our lives we people are denied certain necessities and depending on our support system that can create gaping holes that are filled with rage resentment anger sadness depression bitterness and more. These emotions lead to people that may thrive off the misery of others or people that no longer dream because all their life they tried but was always let down because they depended on the dreamer instead of the source of dreams and all hope…CHRIST JERMAINE CHRIST! Don’t quote me on the middle name because Jermaine is not really a biblical or trustworthy name but I digress. This was me. The kid that was born with huge dreams and an imagination but was always told to aim low dream less and was made promises that wasn’t always kept. This created something in me. I decided to depend on the “Un-Natural” substitute of PRIDE and FEAR which presented itself in low self esteem, even lower expectations and FEAR whenever my hopes got high. If ever a time came when I got excited and dared to hope I immediately shut myself down and this was because I never went back to the source when I was denied something God directly put inside of me.

How can a world have God but not have Hope?? It can’t so unknowingly the side effects of these substitutes perverted my entire world view even AFTER I became a believer. I had developed a psychological and spiritual deformity and never sought after a cure just an alternative. My prayers were small, my confession was tiny and my hope didn’t exist. I accepted whatever I had a never desired more because I had given up. I had allowed the mantras of other broken people to lead me. Mantras like “Expect the Worst but Hope for the best” that way you’ll never be let down. Let me tell while you do need balance this can’t be it because if it is you’ll only give life 50% and God even less. It took me long into my 30’s to realize this and by the grace of God I still had time to fix it. What’s so dangerous about these substitutes are that they attack your perspective and it wasn’t until I went to the source that I was able to see how much I had and how much God had given me even with the faith of an atheist God somehow still saw fit to give me 3 healthy children despite how unhealthy I was. He decided to give me employment during a recession and literally a pay raise every year. He saw fit to allow me to miss gun fights by minutes and diseases by seasons. Literally a life filled with miracles that I couldn’t not because I had been denied dreams as a child and filled the holes that created with the belief that greatness I could never see. My dad or mom would promise me something and never come through and I would assume that God would do the same thing to me. I began to believe only Rich people could live their dreams and that could never include me. Even then I wasn't aware of what I was cancelling out of my life and telling God what he could do for me because of what those "unnatural substitutes

" taught and conditioned me to believe. So when I wrote this episode I decided I’d add some more color to how DANGEROUS it is to fill holes unnaturally. Any solution away from God is unnatural. We are all created and loved by God taken care of and blessed by…. So anybody else that takes influence over our thoughts and trust and faith that is not him… unnatural. You can’t be fixed spiritually by a mechanic. You heart can’t be fixed by a pilot…and honestly a heart surgeon can only repair…..but only God can fix your heart.

So while it sucks growing up in a world and being denied the simple things the father has put in all of us and desires to have and cultivate and multiply its nothing worse than living a life with an artificial limb when God can give you a new one. When your dreams have been destroyed only God can repair them and show you how in reality they were never really gone in the first place.

The world will always offer solutions and alternatives to God sized holes and problems, just look at the news, but the truth is something’s can only be fixed and filled at the source and our source is God so in all things in all hurt lost neglect and pain….. Don’t depend on a substitute when God is always offering you the real thing!! You can be healed….just go back to the source!!

Be encouraged and cast your cares to the father. Man will always let you down and that’s okay but Christ isn’t man and HE won’t let you down !!!

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