Has The Bible made Believers in the Marketplace Passive?

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This photo is taken from a scene in The Founder, a film that talks about one the most prominent fast food chains In history.

Now while this has nothing to do with that chain this scene touches on a issue that many believers battle with on a day to day basis in the marketplace !

This scene is where Michael Keaton settles a lawsuit but only agrees to settle if his opponents accept terms for any royalties on a handshake, which the brothers agreed too!

I ask the question because of the conversation that this circumstance ignited when it comes to morality in business. Right or wrong when it comes to those chasing down industry or trying to make waves.

In a room full of believers this divided the “house” . Some felt that their is a specific TRAIT(determination) a certain level of savagery that all successful people have! This trickled down to even talks of business moves among Christians in music as well as many others of facets in enterprise ! As scripture was dissected, dialogue provided context but at the end of the day a thin line appeared amongst both sides and a CLEAR CUT decision could not be reached!

“Some of these things are too complicated to have a black and white stance on, some things literally are case by case and others are just a matter of integrity, but even in those circumstances the outside looking in can still be taken the wrong way!” came from one of the seasoned business minded individuals apart of the dispute!

So I pose these questions to YOU for some well needed feedback!

Are believers subject to be less aggressive and remain “humble” so they are not to be assumed vein or greedy ?

Has wealth and those who are wealthy become the anti christs that those who submit to a Christian worldview can no longer be among ?

What type of negotiating can a believer partake in business ? What type of deals should a believer NEVER be apart of and lastly is it SINFUL to make decisions if it’s at the disadvantage of another AND would solely benefit them alone ?

Are Christian business owners OBLIGATED to enforce biblical standards in their operations ?

Let’s talk about it!

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